Investments & cooperations


U.S. Real Estate A property investment company with the following business activities: real estate development with an emphasis on large scale A-class projects, management of lease-generating portfolio, public-private partnership projects and construction management. U.S. Real Estate holds investments in: Estonia (the biggest private city quarter, gross space 75 000 sq.m.), Latvia (more than 80 000 sq.m. of gross space in centre of Riga), Russia and Ukraine.
USS Security

USS Security Eesti AS is the largest Estonian-owned security company, which owns a third of Estonia’s security service’s market. We are there the fastest- growing and most dynamic security company that employs about 1,300 people across Estonia.

The company is also providing security services in the Ukraine such as home and video surveillance, manned and technical security services and others. Daily, the professional team of USS takes all measures to guarantee the protection of its customers.

BEN Energy A holding company for investments into the energy sector. BEN Energy is developing and looking continuously for new investment possibilities in energy generation projects. Established in 2007, exited in 2009.
Baltic BIo Baltic Biogas offers modern solutions for producing energy from biodegradable substances to agricultural holdings, food industries and companies providing water and refuses services.


Tallinn landfill is the biggest working landfill in Estonia that produces a significant amount of landfill gas. The gas, which contains approximately 50% on methane, is collected and used for producing electricity and heat. 1,9 MWel landfill gas based co-generation unit (CHP) started producing electricity in the beginning of 2010 and is expected to work for the next 12 years. Total investment cost of the project was ca. 1,7 mln EUR.

Karell Karell Ambulance is one of the biggest private companies providing emergency medical services in Estonia.
Audentes_logo Audentes is one of Estonia's leading private education facilities, including private school, sport school and sport clubs.
TERE Tennis Centre Tere Tennis Centre is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, with fantastic selection of indoor and outdoor tennis courts (total number of coarts 23), fitness facilities, swimming pools and youth hostel accommodating students from US Tennis Academy.
US Tennis Academy USTA is a newly purpose-built, international training centre located in Tallinn, Estonia. The Academy offers a flexible approach to meet the training and practice requirements for all levels of tennis players including professional, full-time and junior performance players as well as beginners starting from age 5. It is a training base for several world-ranked players.
US Art Gallery US ART Gallery is located in the heart of Tallinn (Roseni 8). Unique collection of more than 1000 art units.


In the frames of Private Public Partnership (PPP) the company completed renovation of 5 Tallinn schools with 30-year rental agreement with the Tallinn city.
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